Permanent Congregate Housing

Comunilife provides 1,045 units of permanent congegrate supportive housing in 9 supportive and 5 mixed population residences. The residences address the need for safe, affordable, service inriched housing for a low-income population that has difficulty maintaining stable housing. A majority of our supportive hosuing clients have a history of homelessness and/or long-term hospitalizations. 

Permanent 2
Dona Rosita 2
Permanent 1

Dona Rosita Residence

Dona Rosita II Residence

El Rio I Residence

El Rio 2 Square
La Central Residence
Prospect Residence

El Rio II Residence

La Central Residence

Prospect Residence

Walton Crop

Walton Residence

West Farms

West Farms Residence


Woodhull Residence

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