Our Mission

Comunilife’s mission is to provide vulnerable communities with housing and culturally sensitive and supportive services. We believe that no one should be without the housing and supports they need to lead a healthy, meaningful life.

How We Help

Comunilife helps New York City’s most vulnerable – the homeless, people with HIV/AIDS or mental illness, new immigrants who do not speak English and are overwhelmed by daily life, and those in need of affordable housing.

In our three decades of service, we have developed housing programs that range from transitional to permanent; Life is Precious™, a specialized after-school program for Latina adolescents who have attempted suicide; and a medical respite program for patients who are ready for discharge from the hospital, but in need of secure temporary accommodations in which to convalesce.

Our Approach

We believe that the integration of language, culture and social support networks – family, extended family, peers and community institutions – into services is key to improving physical, emotional and mental health outcomes of Latinos and other persons from diverse backgrounds.